Glenburn Horticulture and Pastures produces commercial and stud Black Angus cattle under Tamaroo Angus. We are a registered stud breeder through ‘The Angus Society of Australia’.

Our aim and breed plan objective is to produce cattle with figures in the top 5%, great temperaments, low birth weights with excellent growth rates. Our cattle have an “easy doing ability” on grass and native fodder. We achieve this through our breeding programs, including artificial insemination programs and embryo transplant programs.

We have approximately 150-200 breeding cows to produce our stud heifers and bulls.

Tamaroo Angus bulls are available for sale each year in April through our agents.  Bulls are also available for sale throughout the year so please feel free to contact us to arrange an inspection.  You can find out more information about our bulls by contacting Adam Harvey on 0419 465 554 (

The needs of our clients are a priority and we encourage feedback also providing advice and support. Following up with our buyers is an essential part of our sales.

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