Fruit Picking and Seasonal Work

Glenburn Orchards values their staff, mutual respect and team work.  The number of staff fluctuates throughout the year depending on the needs of the business and the season.  During the apple and cherry season we require approximately 80 – 100 cherry pickers and packers and up to 50 pickers for the apple season.

From November December we require some apple thinning work on our farm. Priority given to those staying through to the cherry season.

The cherry season runs between January to mid-February and the apple season from March to mid-May. Guidelines are provided to ensure the fruit is picked without any damage and it is essential these guidelines are followed.

Seasonal work is essential for our business every year.  We aim for a happy, healthy work place and a good experience for everyone. We enjoy meeting people from all areas of the world.

Glenburn packing shed

Application Process

A variety of work options are available at Glenburn. These include:

  • Apple Thinning – November, December
  • Cherry Picking – January, February
  • Cherry Packing – January, February
  • Apple Picking – March – Early May
  • Apple Packing – March onwards

If you are interested in applying for work at Glenburn Orchards, please read the employment information packages and fill out the Seasonal Work Application form below. We will contact you to discuss and confirm positions. We are taking applications from now and throughout our cherry and apple Seasons. Numbers will be confirmed by the end of December and we will accept applications throughout our harvest seasons.

Could you please contact us if you are no longer available for work at Glenburn Orchards.

Employment Application Form

Please note that filling in and submitting an application form does not guarantee employment at Glenburn Orchards. All applications for employment will remain confidential and not be used for any marketing purposes.